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La Cítara China


The Chinese zither is a zither musical instrument among the traditional musical instruments of the Han nationality in China, which is a class of stringed instruments. It is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China. This course is composed of four parts: the history, the structure, the method, and the appreciation of famous music, so that students can understanding of the zither from theory to practice.

古筝,是中国汉民族传统乐器中的筝乐器,属于弹拨乐器。它是中国独特的、重要的民族乐器之一 。本课程由古筝的历史、古筝的构造、古筝的演奏方法、名曲欣赏四个部分构成,让学员对古筝形成从理论到实践的较为全面的认知。

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