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Recorrido por los Hutongs: descubrir las obras maestras de la antigua artesanía de Beijing


As the pulse of Beijing in recording facets of life for Peking locals, Hutong has recorded public social life from all aspects, thus becoming the essence of the Beijing-style culture in China. Up to this day, many well-known Peking Hutongs still remain the folk features inherited for centuries. Today, let’s pay a visit to Hutongs and feel the special charm of folk customs brought by traditional handicrafts!

胡同是北京的城市脉搏,它们记录了老北京人生活的方方面面, 烙下了人们各种社会生活的印记,成为中国京味文化的精髓。时至今日,不少著名的老北京胡同依然保留了传承数百年的民俗特色。今天,就让我们一起走进胡同,去感受那活色生香的传统手工艺民俗风情吧!

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