Resource Pool 资源库课程

Museo de Artesanía Folklórica y Bellas Artes


Through the combination of live broadcast and video broadcast form, so that students could "cloud preview" Jilin Provincial Folk Arts Museum. It is an open art museum, integrating art exhibitions, lectures, conferences, educational activities, art projects, cultural tourism and leisure as one of the comprehensive cultural venues. The pavilion faces the mountain and the water. In terms of architectural style, it not only reflects the contemporary advanced architectural design concept, but also reflects the space-time continuation of the inner spirit of Jilin culture. Both distinct personality characteristics, and completely into the natural landscape, and the surrounding environment decent dialogue, become a "natural" scenery. It is equipped with basic showroom, temporary showroom, film and television lecture hall, using folk handicraft display, multimedia demonstration, scene simulation, feature film projection, plane and three-dimensional diagram, and other techniques, with modern acousto-optic system, in order to give the audience a clear impression and intuitive feeling.


General Courses 通用课程