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Experimentando la cultura del Noreste de China:Museo de Arte y Artesanía de la provincia de Jilin


Jilin Province Folk Craft Art Museum is an open art museum, a comprehensive cultural venue integrating art exhibitions, lectures, conference exchanges, educational activities, art projects, cultural tourism and leisure. The venue is surrounded by mountains and water. In terms of architectural style, it not only reflects the contemporary advanced architectural design concept, but also reflects the continuation of the inner spirit of Jilin culture in time and space; it not only has distinct personality characteristics, but is completely integrated into the natural landscape,and becomes a "natural" landscape. In terms of the composition of the internal unit, it fully considers the requirements of the contemporary advanced art museum in education popularization, academic research and collection and storage. It has a basic showroom, a temporary exhibition room, a film and television lecture hall, a display of folk crafts, multimedia various techniques such as demonstration, scene simulation, feature film projection, surface and three-dimensional diagrams, and modern sound and light systems are used to give the audience a clear impression and intuitive experience.


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