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Experimentando la cultura del Noreste de China:Galería Internacional de Cerámica de Changchun


Changchun International Ceramic Art Museum (hereinafter referred to as Ceramic Art Museum), established in July 2015, is a public welfare cultural unit oriented to the society. It is now affiliated to the Management Committee of Changchun Lianhua Mountain Eco-tourism Resort and is currently the only one in the three northeastern provinces-- A comprehensive ceramic art base focusing on organizing the creation, collection of works, exhibitions, ceramic art education and academic seminars of Chinese and foreign ceramic artists. Up to now, the Ceramic Art Museum has collected nearly 1,000 works by more than 260 ceramic artists from 57 countries and regions on five continents. These works are cleverly conceived, novel in conception, very different in style, and skillful in techniques. They represent the development level of contemporary ceramic art creation, and show the artistic concepts, traditions, styles and genres of different civilizations in the East and the West. It can be called "a modern international garden of ceramics". The pottery art museum exhibition area is composed of four parts, the exhibition area for new creation ceramic art works, the exhibition area for international ceramic art boutiques, the exhibition area for traditional Chinese pottery works, and the exhibition area for thematic ceramic art works.

长春国际陶瓷艺术馆(下称陶艺馆) ,成立于2015年7月,是一个面向社会的公益性文化单位,现隶属于长春莲花山生态旅游度假区管委会,是目前东北三省唯一--一个以组织中外陶艺家创作、作品收藏、展览、陶艺教育及学术研讨为主的综合性陶艺基地。 截至目前,陶艺馆累计收藏了来自五大洲,57个国家和地区的260余名陶艺家创作的近千件作品。这些作品构思巧妙、立意新颖、风格迥异、手法娴熟,代表了当代陶艺创作的发展水平,表现了东西方不同文明的艺术理念、传统、风格和流派;可以称得上“一座现代国际陶艺的百花园”。 陶艺馆展区由四个部分组成,新创陶艺作品展区、历届国际陶艺精品展区、历届中国传统陶艺作品展区和专题陶艺作品展区。

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