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Experimentando la cultura del Noreste de China:Exposición de la Cultura Popular Agrícola de Kanto (Jilin)


The Kanto (Jilin) Farming Folk Culture Museum covers an area of 6,500 square meters. It uses folk cultural relics, folk house simulations, farm tools, sculptures, and picture plates as carriers. It is divided into Kanto folk customs and agricultural culture to show the audience cultural features and unique national customs of the Kanto region . The Kanto region is one of the earliest birthplaces of traditional farming culture. The Kanto (Jilin) Farming Folk Culture Museum takes "tracing the agricultural affairs of Jilin and reproducing the farming years" as the theme, emphasizing the popularization and interest of farming culture, and the variety of farming culture. Legends, stories and life records reproduce the true state of cultural life in the black earth; large-scale landscape pictures and oil paintings of the Baishan Mountain and Heishui Rivers show the hardworking, brave, optimistic and positive life course of the working people.

关东(吉林)农耕民俗文化博物馆,占地面积6500平方米,以民俗文物、民居仿真、农具实物、雕塑造型及图片图版等为载体,分关东民俗和农耕文化两部分向观众展示了关东地域的文化风貌和特有的民族风情。 关东是传统农耕文化较早的发祥地之一,关东(吉林)农耕民俗文化博物馆以“追溯吉农事,再现农耕岁月情”为主题,着重体现农耕文化的科普性、趣味性,有关农耕文化的种种传说、故事和生活纪实,再现了黑土地文化生活的真实状态;白山黑水大幅景观图片和油画展现了劳动人民勤劳、勇敢、乐观积极的生活历程。

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