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Chinesische Schriftzeichen


Written language is the carrier of language and civilization, so that language and civilization can be continued and carried forward. As one of the oldest characters in the world, Chinese characters are still in use today。For thousands of years, Chinese characters have carried the rich connotations of Chinese culture,and it is also the key to opening the door of Chinese culture. Our lecture is a general cultural lecture for overseas Chinese culture lovers. The lecture covers the following four aspects of Chinese characters: the nature and characteristics, the origin, the character-making method and the Chinese social culture reflected in the characters. Through this lecture, we hope that the overseas Chinese culture lovers will get rid of the fear of learning Chinese characters, and feel the charm of Chinese characters, so as the inner spirit and development power of Chinese culture.

文字是语言和文明的载体,它使得语言和文明得以延续和发扬。作为世界上最古老的文字之一,汉字至今仍然在被使用。数千年来,汉字承载了中华文化的丰富内涵,可以说,汉字是打开了解中国文化大门的钥匙。 本讲座是一次主要面向海外汉文化爱好者的汉字文化通识讲座,该讲座涵盖汉字的性质和特点、汉字的起源、汉字的造字方法、汉字中体现的中国社会文化等四个方面的内容。 我们期待通过本次讲座使海外汉文化爱好者消除学习汉字的畏惧心理,感受到汉字的魅力,并通过汉字感受到中国文化的内在精神与发展动力。

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