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Calligraphy is a form of artistic expression which is peculiar to China and those nearby countries and regions once influenced by Chinese culture. There're two parts in this course, that is, the basic writing methods and the art of calligraphy. The first part is the basic writing methods of Chinese characters. A Chinese character is made of up of strokes, which are unique symbols and elements to constitute a character. After we get familiar with the strokes, we can write a character like the way we construct a house. The techniques of constructing a character are mainly related to its structural features, such as single fonts or combined fonts, structure rules, order of strokes, etc. The second part is about the art of writing Chinese characters. It mainly covers the evaluation criterion of Chinese character writing levels, and the learning methods of the art of writing Chinese characters. In general, Chinese calligraphy is a unique form of art which embodies Chinese culture and aesthetical features, and takes Chinese characters as its carriers. In writing it, it's necessary to get deep into tradition and be creative at the same time.


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