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Sei eine poetische Person


This lecture introduces Poetry Reciting. By reciting, with clear languages, loud voices, graceful gestures, and appropriate motions, the reciters convey the thoughts and and emotions of the poetry to bring out the resonance from the audience. Modern poetry will be introduced in this lecture. There are two poems in the lecture, the one is Spring, written by Feng Tang; the other is You Are the April of This World-Ode to Love, written by Lin Hui Yin. Firstly, some facts about the authors will be introduced to the students. Then, the meaning of the poetry will be explained sentence by sentence. In this lecture, students may not only learn the measurements of reciting modern poetry, but also understand more about the charm of free-spiritedness in modern poetry.

本课程是诗歌朗诵课。诗歌朗诵就是朗诵者用清晰的语言,响亮的声音,优美的体态,恰当的动作有感情地传达诗歌的思想内容,以引起听众的共鸣。 本次课程将带领大家学习现代诗歌的朗诵。我们将借助冯唐的《春》和林徽因的《你是人间四月天》来学习,首先带大家认识了这两位作者,然后为学生逐句解释诗歌内涵。 在本次课程中,大家不仅学习到了现代诗歌朗诵的方法,而且深刻体会到了现代诗歌奔放自由的魅力。

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