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Ópera de Beijing


This lecture introduces Beijing Opera, which is listed into UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. As a comprehensive art form and a quintessence of Chinese culture, Beijing Opera was originated in China and eventually shaped in Beijing, for which reason it is called as Beijing Opera. This lecture introduces the origination and development of Beijing Opera as well as some basic knowledge including characters, “Four Arts” and “Five Skills”, and how to perform falsetto, or “Xiao Sang” in Chinese. An episode of opera, Selling Water, will be taught in this lecture, since it’s suitable for beginners. Besides, motions like orchid-like fingers and orchid-like palm, as well as the special facial makeup, which is unique to China, will also be introduced.

本视频课程是京剧课。京剧是一门综合性的艺术,诞生于中国,并因形成于北京而得名,是地道的中国国粹,被列入“人类非物质文化遗产代表作名录”。 本次课程将带领大家了解中国京剧的形成与发展、京剧的“行当”、作为一名京剧演员所要学习与练习的“四功”与“五法”,以及如何运用假声,也就是如何运用我们所说的“小嗓”来演唱,并将体验京剧中《卖水》的唱段,这一段节奏欢快,唱腔简单,比较适合初学者来学习。除了唱还可以学习到“兰花指”“兰花掌”等手势以及特别的妆容——“脸谱”。

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