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La Historia del Desarrollo de los Caracteres Chinos


Hanzi(Chinese characters)are one of the most attractive symbols of Eastern civilization. They record the Chinese language and are also the basic symbol of the formation of Chinese civilization and an important vehicle for communicating. They are also widely used in the Hanzi culture circle. Some scholars believe that hanzi are the fifth greatest invention in China. Compared with other kinds of written languages, what are the unique features of hanzi? Where did they originate? What are the formations of hanzi? How to write hanzi correctly? Now let's explore the developmental history of hanzi together and learn about the rules of hanzi in order to better understand them.

汉字是东方文明最吸引人的标志之一,它记录汉语,是中华文明形成的基本标志和重要的传播载体,是汉字文化圈广泛使用的一种文字。 有的学者认为汉字是中国的第五大发明。 跟其他文字相比,汉字有什么特点?它起源于何时?经历了什么样的变化?汉字的造字方法有哪些?如何正确书写汉字?本课将带领大家一起走进汉字的世界,探秘汉字发展历程,让汉字学习有规律可循。

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