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Chino en el Campus


This course focuses on the expressions commonly used in the campus, which consists of eight small sections, covering the topics on DHU campus introduction, in the canteen, time and arrangements, purchasing, transportation, hobby, hygiene and New Year wishes. All of them are related to our live courses, and we are hoping they are useful for your revisions. In addition, we also recorded the explanation of elementary Chinese language points, intermediate Chinese new words and language points, so that you can learn and review after class.

这门课主要介绍校园里常用的汉语,内容包括学校介绍、在食堂、时间与安排、买东西、出行、爱好、卫生与新年愿望等等。这些内容与我们直播课的内容有关,希望能帮助你们复习相关的表达。 除此之外,还录制了相关课程初级汉语语言点的讲解,中级汉语生词及语言点的讲解,以便大家课后可以学习和复习。

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