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The course consists of five lectures. Each lecture consists two classes:”Grammar and Vocabulary””Dialogue and Practice”. Inclass of “Grammar and Vocabulary”,you will learn some new words and grammar;then in of class ”Dialogue and Practice”, you will practice relevant conversations. The first lecture is mainly focused on Pinyin, helping zero-level learners quickly grasp the composition of Pinyin, and read new words and sentences easily. The last four lectures focus on function, using Task-based language teaching, focusing on the necessary vocabulary life communicative items in the primary Chinese teaching stage,including “introduction, family and nationality, date and time, make an inquiry”. By studying this course, the learns may conduct daily conversations around the topics like greeting and introduction, family and nationality, date and time, make an inquiry, etc. , and acquire some preliminary knowledge of the contemporary Chinese culture.

本课程共五讲。每一讲包括主讲和复练两节课。在主讲课上,会学习生词和语法知识;在训练课上,会进行会话和听说练习。 在第一讲中,以学习汉语拼音为主,帮助零基础学习者快速掌握汉语拼音的构成,轻松拼读生词和句子。后几讲以功能为纲,以任务教学为方法,围绕初级汉语教学阶段必备的生活交际项目展开,涉及“介绍自己、谈论家人、说日期和买东西”四个话题。 学完本课程,学生能够用汉语互相问候,进行姓名、国籍、时间日期和询价等话题的交谈,并能对当代中国有初步了解。

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