Resource Pool 资源库课程

Chinese Study


Through training in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, this section enhances students’ cognition of all-round development in Chinese study. Specialized training on components with different functions of Chinese characters and intervening training would endow the learner with ability to specify characters in a strategic and systematic way, so that the learner can put abstract knowledge into daily contexts. Course I: Components of phonic function in Chinese Characters 1.5hours (30min/class, 3 school hours) Course II: Components of pictographic function in Chinese Characters 2 hours (30min/class, 4 school hours) Course III: Cross-cultural Communication & Crush 0.5hour/1 school hour (0.5 hour=1 school hour) Course IV: Chinese Characters 1hour/2 school hour (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

通过集中有效的汉字声旁、形旁策略教授与介入性训练,使学习者在短期内掌握一定的常用形旁与声旁以及相关学习策略,激发学习者的汉字学习策略意识,并能将所学内容运用到日常的汉语学习中。 【内容一】汉字声旁教学 学时安排1.5小时(30min/节x3课时) 【内容二】汉字形旁教学 学时安排2小时(30min/节x4课时)