HSK4级强化训练 - 浙江财经大学 - HSK4级强化训练——2023年浙江财经大学汉语桥线上冬令营 - 汉语桥团组在线体验平台

“HSK Level IV” Intensive Training——Chinese Bridge Online Winter Camp of College of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics


HSK Level IV Intensive Training


Course Syllabus 课程章节


As an international Chinese proficiency test, HSK is recognized by the world. The passing rate of HSK Level IV and above has become an important indicator to evaluate the quality of international Chinese teaching. The epidemic situation in recent years has affected the teaching effect of online Chinese teaching, leading to the unsatisfactory passing rate of HSK Level IV among Chinese learners at home and abroad. Domestic and overseas Chinese learners have an urgent need for HSK intensive training. HSK Level IV Intensive Training courses are divided into recording and live broadcasting courses. The recording courses adopt the idea of “key points explanation, wrong question analysis and simulation practice”, combined with the exam questions, learners are provided with the analysis and teaching of key words and key sentence patterns within the range of HSK Level IV, so as to help learners prepare for the exam more pertinently. Live broadcasting course is to conduct language training for online learners according to the content of video courses, so as to digest and consolidate the learning content of video courses and cooperate with relevant language and culture practice activities. In addition, two in-depth linguistics lectures were arranged. Through ten days of intensive training, learners can further enhance the test-taking ability of HSK4 level and improve the sensitivity of language.



General Courses 通用课程