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2021 Online Learning Camp of the “Chinese Bridge” (Xiamen University)


To further promote international Chinese language education and people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries, Xiamen University has carried on the 2021 Online Learning Camp of the “Chinese Bridge” project organized by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education. The project will adopt real-time live teaching to carry out Chinese language classes with the help of live platforms such as Chinese Plus, Tencent Meeting, Ding Talk, Zoom, etc. As for experiences in contemporary China, it is partly through video courses and online cultural exchanges as well as the promotion and live broadcast of the “Hanfeng Mutual-learning” platform to introduce traditional Chinese culture, local customs, city landmarks, and visits to high-end technology enterprises, aiming to make participants experience the social development and progress brought about by the economic prosperity and technological innovation of contemporary China beyond distance and to broaden participants’ horizons on the national situation of modern China, especially the achievements of contemporary Chinese development. Training period: from March 1 to March 14, 2021 Target: College and high school students or adults from Thailand with HSK Level II or above Tuition fee: Free of charge Admission requirements: Successfully registration of membership through the official website of Chinese Bridge http://bridge.chinese.cn, commitment to completing the total 2-week, 60-hour courses, as well as the study report and questionnaires of the online learning camp are required. Original video feedbacks such as vlogs are encouraged to show your learning results and insights.

为进一步做好国际中文教育发展与中外人文交流工作,由教育部中外语言合作交流中心组织,厦门大学承接2020“汉语桥” 线上游学营项目。项目将采用实时直播授课的方式开展汉语课教学,采纳中文联盟、腾讯会议、钉钉、zoom等平台。当代中国体验部分通过视频课程与在线文化交流,通过“汉风互鉴”平台推送与直播介绍富有中国特色的传统文化、当地风俗、城市地标、参访高端科技企业等,力求使学员零距离地体验现当代真实中国经济繁荣、科技创新等带来的社会发展与进步,拓宽学员对现代中国国情的多元视角,特别是当代中国发展的成就。培训时间:2021年3月1日至3月14日

招生对象:泰国大、中学生或成人, 汉语水平HSK2级以上



General Courses 通用课程