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Learn Practical Chinese and Explore Tianjin

学实用汉语 品韵味天津

In order to meet the needs of overseas Chinese enthusiasts to learn Chinese language and culture, Nankai University has set up the “Chinese Bridge” online program. This course aims to improve overseas students’ level of Chinese and to give them an opportunity to experience Chinese culture. Based on the city of Tianjin, the famous historical and cultural city, and Humanistic Nankai, with the motto of “dedication to public interests and acquisition of all-round capability”, this program covers multiple perspectives including practical Chinese courses, Chinese economic development, modern Chinese history, cultural relics, Tianjin “flavor”, unique folk customs, a mix of western and Chinese style of architecture and Chinese martial arts, etc. The exchange program will not only provide the students with a chance to improve the level of practical Chinese, but also learn about Tianjin, this famous historical and cultural city in China, and have a deeper understanding of “jin” culture and thousand-year-old Chinese traditional culture. Combining the approach of “live courses and activities” and “recorded video courses”, this course contains 30 class hours.


General Courses 通用课程