Liaoning Normal University


“Chinese Bridge”Chinese Language and Culture Online Winter Camp (Italian Camp)


Liaoning Normal University “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Language and Culture Online Winter Camp in 2020 (Italian Camp) aims to enhance the understanding of both languages and cultures among Chinese and Italian students. Through training students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, improve foreign students' ability to comprehensively use Chinese to communicate in real context. Also create the opportunity for foreign students' to learn about the study and life of Chinese students, experience Chinese culture, and feel the charm of Dalian. The Chinese course will train students' Chinese skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, and improve their ability to use Chinese comprehensively to communicate in real contexts. At the same time, special exercises will carry out for common mistakes in grammar and vocabulary of HSK1-3. Based on the examination outline, the guidance training and level test are combined to improve the student’s Chinese language level and test-taking ability. The cultural courses will introduce the study life of contemporary Chinese high school students and the local cultural life of Dalian. Including the curriculum arrangement and teaching materials for senior high school students, campus culture of Liaoning Normal University, Dalian's beautiful scenery, Dalian's special cuisine, etc.




General Courses 通用课程