Liaoning Normal University


Liaoning Normal University “Chinese bridge” China-Russia Youth Two-way Communication Online Program


In order to strengthen the language and culture exchanges between China and foreign countries, provide overseas Chinese learners an opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture, and promote cultural exchanges and friendship between Chinese and foreign youths, Liaoning Normal University will host the “Chinese Bridge” China-Russia Youth Two-way Communication Online Program in March. The program combines themed Chinese courses conducted in the form of situational topics with language workshops. Participants will learn Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, character,enjoy poems and practice via online communication with volunteers to comprehensively improve skill-set of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to show the unique charm of Chinese culture in the harmonious coexistence of multiple cultures, we have arranged a number of Chinese excellent traditional culture courses: Appreciation of Chinese National Instrumental Music-Guzheng, Pipa, Bamboo Flute ,understanding Chinese culture and its traditional philosophy, Chinese characters, Appreciation of Chinese martial arts-Tai Chi, learn to sing Chinese songs, etc., to let you know China from all aspects and promote international exchanges and cooperation. Volunteers from Liaoning Normal University postgraduates will communicate with participants online to form language learning pairs and help with language practice.




General Courses 通用课程