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Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University


Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University








Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University of Construction is an undergraduate level vocational university approved by the Ministry of Education. Since August 2021, it’s turned to a public university but is still running under a private section. In June 2022, it became the first vocational university authourized to award Bachelor’s degree.


The univercity is located in Dongyang, Jinyi Metropolitan Area of Zhejiang province. Dongyang is a historical city known as “Town of Education, Architecture, and Arts”. The university firmly follows the CPC’s educational policies, to accomplish tasks of educating and cultivating people, to go on the mission of “Serving Regional Development and Training Superb Technicians”, to pursue the spirit of “Fortitude and Perseverence”, to stick to the “Student-oriented, Moral-oriented, Quality-oriented, and Uniqueness-oriented” belief , and to operate with constant interactions with enterprises and therefore benefit both to education and to production.


Based on the regiocal industrial advantages, the university takes civil construction as the leading domain, followed other high-quality fields such as equipment manufacture, electronnic information, business and finance, and cultral arts, etc. It promotes teaching quality and insists on developing its operational characteristics and implementing its global strategy for collecting international resources to accelerate its international cooperation for education. It has made great progress on international education since 2018 when the first 21 international students from Congo began their four-year wood-carving education here. In November 2022, another 30 Congolese students are on the way to receive education in this university on applied arts and e-commercial business. And in 2019, the university sent 13 volunteers to Senegal for further cultural and educational interactions. Thus, the university has opened a new door to global coperations for education and communication. In the future, it will surely establish a unique and innovative status in the international education territory.