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Connecting the Belt and Road · Encountering Chinese Wushu "Chinese Bridge" online program is organized by Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES), and is aimed at overseas learners who love Chinese language and have a strong interest in Chinese Wushu from countries along the "Belt and Road". This 9-day program covers 9 Chinese courses, 7 Wushu experience courses, 1 lecture on the theme of "International Communication of Chinese Wushu", 1 high-quality martial arts repertoire, and a variety of recorded and broadcast video courses. The Chinese classes adopt the method of "small class teaching and online live broadcast", focusing on daily topics closely related to sports, thus highlight the characteristics of "Chinese + sports". The Wushu experience classes offer 7 sessions featuring respectively Taijiquan, Changquan, Nanquan, Baduanjin, Dragon and Lion Dance, Self-Defense Technique and Sanda, thus present a feast of Wushu for the students. By providing the Chinese classes and Wushu cultural experiences, the program enables students to improve their Chinese proficiency while perceiving the charm contained in Chinese Wushu, and at the same time, to comprehend the traditional Chinese ideology of upward and kindness. With “Chinese language” and “Wushu” as the bridge, the program is dedicated to promote the cultural exchange and interaction between China and countries along the "Belt and Road".

连通一带一路 · 邂逅中华武术“汉语桥”线上团组项目由首都体育学院举办,面向“一带一路”沿线国家喜爱中文、对中华武术具有强烈兴趣的境外学习者。本项目为期9天,涵盖9节汉语课程、7节武术文化体验课程、1场“中华武术国际传播”主题讲座、1场优质武术剧目展演,以及丰富多彩的录播视频课程。其中汉语课采用“小班授课、线上直播”的方式,聚焦与体育息息相关的日常交际话题,凸显“汉语+体育”的复合特色。武术文化体验课则通过授课教师现场讲解演示、海外学员同步模仿练习的形式依次开设太极拳、长拳、南拳、健身气功八段锦、舞龙舞狮、擒拿防身术、散打7门主题研习课程,为学员奉献上一场武术饕餮盛宴。项目旨在通过线上中文学习与武术文化体验,让学员在提升自身汉语水平的同时理解中华武术所蕴含的气度与神韵,感悟向上、向善的中国传统思想文化,以“汉语”和“武术”为桥实现中国与“一带一路”沿线国家的文化交流与互动。

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程