Honghe University



This project is closely in line with the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, which aims to build a bridge of faith for friendship, peace, development and progress through cultural communicate, so that Chinese traditional culture and modern culture can be more widely disseminated and accepted overseas and reach the hearts and minds of ordinary people abroad, and to achieve win-win cooperation through the power of cultural communication. The programme helps participants to learn and understand Chinese culture in depth, to become familiar with it and to develop a love for it, and to master applicable communication concepts, pathways and methods, so that they can be active communicators of Chinese culture. Through language, cultural, experiential and communication courses, participants will be able to communicate on the theme of Chinese culture in their home country.Over 100 participants from 7 countries in South and Southeast Asia. Let's achieve mutual understanding and deepen our knowledge through learning and experiential communicate activities.



General Courses 通用课程