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Honghe University



Honghe University, formerly Mengzi Normal College, was founded in 1978 and upgraded to a provincial undergraduate college in April 2003.



Just as its motto indicates, Honghe university embraces great embitions and attaches importance to concreat doing rather than pointless talking. Located in Honghe Prefecture, the university tried its best to serve the whole province, and further more, extends its services to South Asia and Southease Asia, in an effort to build a first-class application-oriented univerity with regional international influence. In the year 2016, a national pilot project was approved to the university, marking its transformation towards “Integration of production and education” .



Reputable enough, the university has trained 46,000 high-quality talents for Yunnan province, and was awarded a second prize of national teaching achievements, a first prize of provincial teaching achievements and 7 second prizes. To meet the needs of economic, social and key industriesl development of national and local governments, the university reconstruct subjects and programs in the drive of surpotting the opening up strategy, carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, promoting regional economy and industrial development.



By taking the geographic advantages, the university went all out to serve the state’s "Belt and Road" Initiative, and aims to build new heights of higher education in border regions. The Confucius Institute at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, the Confucius Classroom at Rambini in Sri Lanka, and the Confucius Classroom at Sandu Mariam-Honghe in Bangladesh are the most well-known international Chinese education projects operated by Honghe University.获批“2021年亚洲合作资金项目”1项,面向GMS五国语种实现专业全覆盖;“服务国家发展战略的‘国门大学’东南亚语种人才培养体系改革实践项目”荣获第八届云南省高等教育教学成果一等奖;越南语专业入选第三批国家级一流本科专业建设点。The university offers undergraduate programs of languages of GMS countries, and the Vietnamese language program was nominated as the third batch of national first-class. 


与越南太原大学合作开展境外办学项目,开创了云南高校境外本科办学的先河,学校顺利通过留学生教学管理第三方评估。2016-2022年,累计招收留学生达到1150多人;搭建了红河流域大学校长论坛、中越红河流域社会发展论坛、中越文体交流三个中越合作交流平台。The university started undergraduate program in Vietnam, in cooperation with Vietnam's Taiyuan University, the first to do so among universities in Yunnan Province. Honghe University successfully passed the third-party evaluation of international students' teaching management. From 2016 to 2022, it has enrolled more than 1,150 international students. Three cooperation and exchange platforms have been set up, namely, the Honghe River University Presidents' Forum, the China-Vietnam Honghe River Community Development Forum, and the China-Vietnam Cultural and Sports Exchange.



To promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the outstanding cultures of ethnic minorities, we will build research platforms such as Yunnan Ethnic Minority traditional sports Cultivation Base, Honghe Hani Rice Terraces Protection and Development Research Center, Jianshui Purple Pottery Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Development Research Center, Honghe River Basin Music and Dance Research Center, etc. Signed cooperation framework agreements with neighboring counties and cities, carried out multi-level, wide-ranging and all-round in-depth cooperation, and cooperated with the People's Government of Mengzi City to build and operate the affiliated School of Honghe University; Jointly build the artificial Intelligence Engineering Center and research Institute with Iflytek Co.Ltd.