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At present, “Chinese+TVET” educational practice has been included into “the Fourteenth Five-Year” Plan of our College. Among the 56 tasks mentioned in Action Plan for the Improvement and Optimization of the Quality of Vocational Education (2020-2023), 3 tasks (including overseas school running, teacher internationalization and “Chinese+TVET” respectively) have something to do with internationalization. It is to meet the new requirements of the country for the internationalization of vocational education and adapt to the current new development situation of international Chinese education. Under the background that China constantly deepens “the Belt and Road Initiative” construction and educational opening-up in the new era, vigorously carrying out “Chinese+TVET” education, giving full play to the communication function of Chinese and promoting the high-quality “going-global” of Chinese vocational education can not only advance local economic and social development, cultivate the talents with industrial skills, improve employment level and boost the common development of the economy in involved foreign country and Chinese economy, but also enhance mutual understanding of multiple fields such as government, enterprise and educational institution and assist with the people-to-people exchange and bond between involved foreign country and China. Chinese Bridge Online Training Camp for Chinese+TVET of Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative to be held this time intends to invite Beijing Polytechnic College’s brotherly schools in Thailand and Pakistan for participation. The two schools will respectively recommend 50 excellent students for participation in the Camp, and the recommended students should meet the following two conditions: (1) he or she has learnt Chinese for at least 1 year (with a level approximately equivalent to HSK Level 2); (2) he or she is keenly interested in Chinese language culture and TVET. Relying on ChinesePlus live-streaming platform and MOOC system, the Camp will carry out online intelligent teaching in the forms of live-streaming + recording, to provide Thai and Pakistani students with rich course resources covering multiple fields such as Chinese, Chinese culture and contemporary national conditions. By participating in Chinese Bridge Online Training Camp for “Chinese+TVET” for Countries along “the Belt and Road Initiative”, 100 excellent students have an opportunity to understand the newest development in China and traditional Chinese culture through learning Chinese and TVET. Moreover, by virtue of its unique location advantage of being situated in Beijing, the Camp will showcase the charm of capital and increase the attraction of coming to China for further study.




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