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Beijing Institute of Economics and Management (BIEM)



国际合作 扩大开放


As one of the earliest higher vocational colleges pioneering foreign exchanges and international cooperation, BIEM has been doubling its efforts in this area. For BIEM, going international is the focus of its strategy and the breakthrough point. Bearing this in mind, BIEM sets to serve the country’s foreign-related work through delivering more international education with high standards, and press ahead with its quality, featured, and international development to prepare talented people with specialized skills and international competitiveness for building a center of international exchanges and high-level opening-up. BIEM’s history of engaging the world can be traced back to 1984 when the cooperation with the Swedish School of Management was started through which the international cooperation project Sino-Swiss Business Management Research Class, which was listed in the "Successful Training Models in Industrial Technology" by APEC, was initiated. BIEM has established friendly and cooperative relations with nearly 30 prestigious colleges and educational institutions overseas, such as the University of Bolton and the University of Derby in the United Kingdom, and has carried out cooperation projects and exchange activities in various formats and subjects. In addition, BIEM established cooperation platforms with universities such as the City College Oxford in the United Kingdom and the Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia to carry out academic education and community training and build a multi-field, multi-level and all-around international school-running system. BIEM is devoted to spreading the Chinese culture and telling China’s stories to the world. As China's first college for adults eligible to accept international students, BIEM has provided Chinese language training, junior college-level business Chinese language training, and courses with Chinese cultural characteristics to more than 10,000 international students from nearly 100 countries since the launch of its international student education and training program in 1989. The scale and level of those training are in a leading position among similar institutions in Beijing. BIEM actively echoes with China’s Belt and Road Initiative and won the Outstanding Contribution Award for International Cooperation in Vocational Education between China and Thailand for two consecutive years. BIEM was also awarded China’s Top 50 Vocational Colleges in International Influence in 2017.