Laiwu Vocational and Technical College(LWVC)



This project aims to provide students with a platform to understand China's long metallurgical history, culture and the metallurgical technology. Starting from “Iron Smelting Production” and “Bronze Casting”, it focuses on smelting production, safety, environmental protection and application, mainly covering ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy. The training covers 10 topics of “Chinese+Vocational skills”, including metallurgical history, iron making, steel making, steel rolling, bronze casting, restoring and Tinware carving, etc. so as to stimulate students’ interest in learning and exploring China’s metallurgy. The students can know the achievements of the integration of vocational education and industry, and school-enterprise cooperation in China’s education, and feel the charm of China’s vocational education.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程