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"Architectural Chinese - Entering Lingnan Architecture" is a "Chinese Bridge" online group experience camp program hosted by the Chinese-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by our Polytechnic. It is for international students from overseas. Theprogram lasts for two weeks and is free to join. There are 40 class hours intotal, including 34 class hours of Chinese courses and 6 class hours of cultural special courses. An electronic certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course. African students who are interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture are welcome to participate! The course will base on GCP’s National Lingnan Production-education Integration Innovation Base.At the same time, we make full use of the teaching resource library platform to break through geographical restrictions. In this "post-epidemic era", the combination of practical trainingand the Cloud will present architectural professional technical skills andknowledge and Lingnan architectural culture in a multi-angle, all-round andthree-dimensional manner. Adopting the concept of "Chinese Teaching + Vocational Skills", focusing on the vocational and technical skills of the architectural profession, we will carry out lectures on basic architectural Chinese, architectural standard Chinese, architectural functional Chinese, and Lingnan architectural culture, so that students can truly master academic and practical use in work scenarios. We build a sustainable development platform for students, providing an online communication platform for vocational students and practitioners inarchitecture-related majors, helping them with publishing announcements such as international student recruitment information and overseas branch enrollment information, and provide convenient services for students to study in China.






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