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Weifang Vocational College is a public full-time higher vocational college, approved by People’s Government of Shandong Province and founded in July, 2001. WFVC has won many honors including rewards such as member of High Quality Vocational Colleges and Majors Construction Program for preserving Chinese Characteristics, National Advanced Vocational College, National High-quality College of Educating Talents for Rural Vitalization, Leader of Digital Campus Construction and Professional Teaching Resource Database Construction, Experimental Vocational College in 1+X Skill Certificate and Modern Apprenticeship System. WFVC is also a member of Advanced Higher Vocational Colleges Project in Shandong Province and a prestigious college featuring in skill training, and it ranks in the Top 50 categories of Higher Vocational Colleges in Teaching Resources, Service Contribution and International Influence, and Top 100 Colleges in Competitiveness.

学院坐落在世界风筝都——山东省潍坊市,现有滨海、奎文两个校区,校园总占地2000余亩,建筑面积55万平方米,教学科研仪器设备总值达2.5亿元,图书馆藏书148万册。学院设有农林科技学院、食品药品学院、机电工程学院、汽车工程学院、信息工程学院、化学工程学院、国际商务学院、经营管理学院、文化创意学院等9个全日制二级学院,设有国际教育学院、创业教育学院、继续教育学院、潍坊职业农民学院等跨专业教学机构,开设“3+2”对口贯通分段培养本科试点专业3个,三年制高职专业53个。现有全日制在校生2万余人。  学院现有教职工1000余人,其中高级专业技术职务近300人,博士、硕士700人。      

WFVC is located in Weifang, the World’s Kite Capital, Shandong Province. There are two campuses, Kuiwen Campus and Binhai Campus, covering an area of 1.6 km² with a building size of 0.55 km². The College owns instruments and equipment for teaching and scientific research valuing at 250 million yuan. The library comprises 1.48 million volumes. The college contains nine schools: Agriculture and Forestry, Food and Medicine, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Information Engineering, Chemical Engineering, International Business, Operation and Management, and Cultural Creativity; it also has several interdisciplinary institutes, including International Education School, Entrepreneurship Education School, Continuing Education, and Weifang Professional Farmers School. WFVC offers three “3+2” undergraduate programs and fifty-three diploma programs. There are more than twenty thousand full-time students at the college. The college has more than a thousand faculty members, including three hundred professors and seven hundred doctors and masters.