Zhejiang Business College



This group consists of college students and practitioners of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering. It aims to provide students with a platform to understand of the technology and culture of China refrigeration and air conditioning engineering industry, broaden students’ horizons, enable students to know about China is the world’s power production and consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning industry, understand the spirit of Chinese craftsmen and refrigeration technology, improve the international influence of China’s refrigeration industry and opens the door for China’s technology to go to the world better in the future, so as to contribute to the industry-university-research cooperation and scientific and technological development of refrigeration and air conditioning industry in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. With refrigeration and air conditioning industry technology and culture as a starting point, the projects will enable the students to learn applications of refrigeration technology in various industries, domestic and foreign development of cooling technology, the achievements of new China’s refrigeration technology, and the future development direction of Chinese refrigeration technology knowledge, and by building “Chinese + professional education” project, construct a complex platform to better display and export China’s vocational education concept to foreign countries.


General Courses 通用课程