Zhejiang Sci-Tech University will be organizing the 2021 “Chinese Bridge” online group exchange with the theme “Colorful Huaxia, Charming China”. Five main categories include clothing, food, housing, transportation and use, which are split into nine different topics, A Taste of China, China Fashion, Poetry China, Art China, China Audio-Visual Art, Healthy China, Leisure China, Wisdom China and Innovations in China. These are based on the foundations of traditional Chinese culture and focused on the progressive innovation of modern China. Connecting tradition and modernity, having an insight to history and future, we aim to display a vibrant, inclusive, hardworking, admirable and respectable image of China to foreign Chinese learners.

浙江理工大学2021年“汉语桥”线上团组项目主题为“五彩华夏 魅力中国”,授课内容涵盖衣、食、住、行、用等五大方面,分为“美食中国”、“服饰中国”、“诗书中国”、“艺术中国”、“视听中国”、“健康中国”、“休闲中国”、“智慧中国”、“创新中国”等九个主题。既基于传统中国文化的“底色”,又聚焦当代中国的创新发展与全新面貌。打通传统与现代,透视历史与未来,向国外汉语学习者展示一个开放活泼、兼容并包、奋发图强、可亲可敬的中国形象。

General Courses 通用课程