Shanxi Agricultural University


The 2021 "Chinese Bridge" online exchange program of Shanxi Agricultural University(SXAU) focuses on non-Chinese Chinese language lovers and learners. Combined with the agricultural characteristics of SXAU and the dominant industries of Shanxi, the program closely links Chinese teaching with cultural experience, carries out "cloud" classes and "cloud" experience activities of Chinese culture with different themes, and plays online micro class videos of science series with beautiful pictures. This enables overseas Chinese lovers to learn Chinese without leaving home and feel the unique charm of China's excellent culture even thousands of miles away.

山西农业大学 “以桥为媒,以学会友” 2021年“汉语桥”线上团组交流项目聚焦于非中国籍的汉语爱好者和学习者。结合学校农业特色和山西优势产业,项目将汉语教学与文化体验紧密联系,开展不同主题的中国文化“云”课堂、“云”体验活动,并在线播放画面精美的科学系列微课视频。这使得海外汉语爱好者足不出户便能学习汉语、远在千里之遥便能真切感受到中国优秀文化的独特魅力。

General Courses 通用课程