Chongqing Jiaotong University



“Sharing Bayu(Sichuan and Chongqing) Culture and Building a Bridge of Exchange”


With the theme of "Enjoying Bayu Culture in Clouds and Building a Bridge of Exchange ", the group conducts online classes relying on the Chinese Bridge Club APP and "Online Teaching Cloud Platform", and realizes cultural tour using "Live Broadcasting Platform + Online Virtual". The teaching content consists of three distinctive sections: Chinese Learning, Cultural Experience, and Online Tours. The Chinese learning is mainly based on practical life terms, covering all aspects of life, and is complemented by live video demonstrations and live interactions of "martial arts, tea art, Chinese costumes and Chinese characters", reflecting the rich Chinese culture and Bayu style. The cultural experience includes Martial arts, paper-cutting, tea art, painting and calligraphy, etc. Through live broadcast and online teaching, to remote interaction with students, guide students to immerse themselves in experience and hands-on participation, so that they can experience the pleasure of Chinese culture in a virtual environment. The Online Tour takes interactive and online tours through multiple themes such as Chongqing Impression, Chongqing Track, and Chongqing Taste, accompanied by English explanations, to guide students to travel around Bayu and perceive China.

团组以“云享巴渝文化,共建交流之桥”为主题,依托汉语桥俱乐部APP 及“线上教学云平台”进行线上授课,利用“直播平台+线上虚拟”完成文化游览。


General Courses 通用课程