China University of Petroleum-Beijing



Since the beginning of COVID-19, our college of international education has been teaching online Chinese preparatory course. We have established a perfect online teaching team, developed a perfect online teaching plan, and accumulated rich experience in online teaching. This online group exchange program is a "Chinese + HSK + culture" class. In addition to language courses, students will also be organized to participate in various cultural experience courses.

疫情以来,我校国际教育学院一直承办线上汉语预科教学,组建了完善的线上教学团队,制定了完善的线上教学方案,积累了丰富的线上教学经验。 本线上团组交流项目为“汉语+HSK+文化”学习班,除了语言课程外,还将组织学生参加各种文化体验课程。

General Courses 通用课程