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2022 “Hearing Zhejiang”--Traditional Chinese cultural experience journey


Welcome to the Chinese Bridge -2022 "Hearing Zhejiang" - -Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese cultural experience journey! China has both extensive and profound traditional culture as well as colorful modern culture. Nowadays, Chinese culture needs to be further integrated into the world's multicultural family, and countries around the world increasingly hope to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. To promote overseas Chinese learners and Chinese culture fans’ learning interest, meet the depth of understanding of Chinese language and Zhejiang culture, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University 2022 "Hearing Zhejiang" - -Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese cultural experience journey! The project includes Zhejiang museum of Chinese medicine, Chinese character culture, regional culture of China and Zhejiang etc. This project aims to enhance the in-depth cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign countries, to broaden the effective communication path of Chinese and foreign languages and related traditional culture, to spread Chinese culture, and to cultivate more overseas messengers who know well and be friendly to China.



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