Jiangsu Normal University



To maintain the enthusiasm of overseas teenagers to learn Chinese, satisfy their needs of learning Chinese language and culture, and advance their understanding of traditional Chinese culture. Jiangsu Normal University will host a language and culture winter camp with the theme of “Virtual Tours to China and Enjoy the Chinese Classics” for overseas teenagers around the world. The winter camp will include a variety of activities, which not only entertains but also informs, combing rich traditional culture, such as Chinese calligraphy, poetry, folk music, tea art, architecture, solar terms(seasonal observances-things), place names, regional culture, traditional sinology stories and etc. The courses will be thoughtfully designed and taught in a unique way. An online communication platform will be provided for overseas students to “mark” their experience of Chinese culture, and learn excellent Chinese language and culture. Besides, teenagers will experience the folk culture and wisdom through Han Chinese Clothing, paper-cutting, tongue-twister, and etc. Students will also attend seminars on idioms, Chinese food, and Chinese festivals.

为保持海外青少年中文学习热情,满足其了解中国语言文化的需求,增进其对中华优秀传统文化的了解与认知。江苏师范大学面向海外各国青少年举办“云游中华 品味经典”语言文化线上冬令营活动。


General Courses 通用课程