Dehong Teachers' College (DTC)



The Online Camp is mainly composed of two modules: "Learning Chinese" and "Cultural Experience". The topics cover etiquette of Chinese culture, Chinese names and Chinese culture, an overview of Chinese characters, understanding Chinese idioms, reading Chinese classics - The Song of Mulan (木兰诗), ancient Chinese literature, modern Chinese, poetry in ancient Chinese literature, classic ancient poems appreciation, calligraphy and painting, intangible cultural heritage Hulusi, a cucurbit flute-a traditional musical instrument of the Dai ethnic group, Dai paper-cut, Munao Zongge, an annual carnival of Jingpo ethnic group, Dai opera, brocade of ethnic minorities in western Yunnan, etc. The online camp aims to arouse the enthusiasm of overseas young people to learn Chinese and meet their needs to understand Chinese language and culture. With its unique location advantages, DTC will better play its role as a bridge and continuously promote cultural exchanges between China and neighboring countries.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程