Beihang University



The course of Panorama of Life in Modern China, focusing on different themes, presents every aspect of the real life in contemporary China to the students in the form of live broadcast + video broadcast. In terms of the course of language, it is taught with gradually increasing levels of difficulty through various modules such as intensive reading of Chinese texts, training of situational dialogues in Chinese, appreciation of Chinese novels, appreciation of Chinese poetry, and training of language expression in Chinese. In terms of the course of culture, the students can learn the art in contemporary China through the Modern China in Films, the development processes of scientific technology in contemporary China through the History of China’s Aerospace, and the warmth, demeanors, and attitudes of the youth in contemporary China through a series of videos presented in the Song of Youth. Based on the Chinese literature course aimed at the improvement of practical communication abilities, the newly designed course will help to reinforce the students’ understanding and comprehension of China in contemporary era in an innovative and effective way with the help of “cloud experience” + “cloud classroom”, thus further enhancing the people-to-people friendship between China and the Central Asian countries.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程