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This thematic project "Heart to Heart, @Future" - Asian Games Cultural Experience Tour of the Chinese Bridge Delegation Online is held to further promote the relationships between China and Asian countries, and find a better development direction amid cultural exchange and cooperation. Well-designed courses, such as From Beijing and Guangzhou to Hangzhou - A Brief History of the Asian Games in China, From Workers' Stadium to Big Lotus - A Tour of Asian Games Venues, New Sport of Asian Games - Esports, New Sport of Asian Games - Breaking, Wushu Events of Asian Games - Spear and Sword, Chinese Tea - From G20 to Asian Games, Asian Games Delicacies - Hangzhou, and Understanding China from Silk, are offered so that overseas students can effectively improve their Chinese language proficiency while learning about the Asian Games and, through sports — the world's common language, understand and experience China, spread the Olympic Spirit, and promote Chinese sports culture.

通过举办本次“汉语桥”线上团组《“心心相融,爱达未来” ——亚运会文化体验之旅》主题项目,进一步促进了中国和亚洲各国之间的感情,在文化交流与合作中寻找更好的发展方向。通过《从北京、广州到杭州——中国举办亚运会简史》、《从工体到大莲花——亚运会场馆巡礼》、《亚运会新增项目——电子竞技》、《亚运会新增项目——霹雳舞》、《亚运会武术比赛项目——枪术、剑术》、《中国茶——从G20到亚运会》、《亚运美食——杭州篇》、《读懂丝绸里的中国》等多门精心设计的课程,让海外学生在了解亚运会的同时切实提高中文水平,并通过体育这一世界共同语言,了解中国、体验中国,传播奥林匹克精神,推广中国体育文化。

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