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The “Chinese Bridge” Online Group “Chinese Sports Culture Experience Journey” is aimed to further promote cultural exchange between China and Japan, enhance the learning interest of overseas Chinese learners and friends interested in Chinese culture, and understand and appreciate China through the common language of the world—sports, spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and present a true picture of China’s development. In addition, it also offers an opportunity to publicize the culture of the Beijing 2022 Games, review the sports exchanges between China and Japan, spread the Olympic spirit, and promote the Chinese sports culture. According to its own advantages and characteristics, Beijing Sport University has explored the converging points for promoting the mutual development of sports and the Chinese language. The concept of “Chinese+” is adopted for course content, famous masters and experts are invited to record culture courses, and the language and culture courses are well designed around such key contents as the Chinese sports culture and the Olympic culture: About Beijing 2022 Venues, China and the Olympics, Kung Fu Movies and Chinese Martial Arts, From Tokyo 2020 to Beijing 2022: An Overview of the Olympic Movement, Martial Arts, Health Preservation and Entertainment: Ancient Chinese Sports Culture, and Chinese Calligraphy Culture. It is hoped that the high-quality courses will further enhance the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese learners and help people around the world to better appreciate the profound Chinese culture and set up the global cultural view of great harmony in the world.



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General Courses 通用课程