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The "Chinese Bridge"activity of "visiting and enjoying the beauty of Hebei province” coincide with the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. As a big cultural province, Hebei has unique advantages in historical and cultural resources. There are many cultural and tourism attractions and intangible cultural heritage here, such as the City of the Yellow Emperor (the holy land of Chinese three ancestors culture), Zhuozhou ( the hometown of the Three Kingdoms culture, the sites of Jingke tower and yanxiadu. You can feel the Three Kingdoms culture, Warring States culture, Zhao Culture and Nu Wa culture,etc. In addition, Hebei Province is one of the places where the skiing project of 2022 Winter Olympic Games is held. The construction of modern tourism resources adheres to the world vision, the height of China and the characteristics of Hebei. With the purpose of promoting the international dissemination of Chinese traditional culture and regional culture, the Chinese Bridge activity adopts the concept of "Chinese +" and focuses on "tourism culture and skills", and carries out lectures on Chinese traditional culture, Hebei tourism, service etiquette, tourism consumption psychology, etc. And it shows the world the tourism culture and intangible cultural heritage with Yanzhao regional characteristics, and promote cultural exchanges and integration between China and foreign countries. You are welcome to join this learning and exchange activity of teaching in fun.



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