Central China Normal University



2021 “Chinese Bridge” Online Winter Camp Project in Central China Normal University “Heroic Wuhan·Impression of China” series courses


General Secretary and China’s president Xin Jinping said, “Wuhan is worthy of being a heroic city, and the people of Wuhan are worthy of being a heroic people.” Here, "dare to be the first and pursue excellence" is the spirit of the city, and "Wuhan, different every day" is the slogan of the city. Welcome to the " Heroic Wuhan·Impression of China " series of courses. The course is divided into three chapters: First, the history and current situation of Wuhan, from which you can feel the source of the city and touch the changes every day; The Second is heroic Wuhan, where you can get the heroic spirit from the Westernization Movement to the revolution of 1911, as well as getting understanding of the overall victory from the battle of COVID-19 epidemic. The third is online cultural experience of Wuhan. We have three different themes: one is to show the beauty of the Yangtze River with the theme of bridge; The second is to show the beauty of the East Lake with the theme of green; Third, take science and technology as the theme to show the world optical valley and its high-tech innovation.


General Courses 通用课程