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Chinese National Sports and Traditional Culture


The Chinese nation has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Most African countries are in the third world, and they are far away from China by mountains and seas, so exchanges with my country are not frequent enough. In order to promote cultural and linguistic exchanges between China and Africa, to expand the influence of China and Central China Normal University in Africa, and to help Asian, African, and Latin American countries with culture, the program is specially applied in Kenya, which has relatively more exchanges with China and has a particular cultural foundation. And this program consists of traditional Chinese sports and culture, Dragon and Lion dance and Fitness Qigong etc.The specific group activities will not only effectively improve the Chinese language ability of Kenyan students but also show the refined traditional culture and national traditional sports and spirit of the Chinese nation, deepen China-Africa cooperation and integration, and make a bit contribution to the realization of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind.


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