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Beijing Information Technology College has been holding an online project with the theme of " Bridge the World with Chinese,Brighten the Life with Skills " for Chinese learners and enthusiasts around the world since October 7, 2022. When finishing a series of Chinese language courses (including live broadcast and video broadcast), Chinese traditional culture courses, lectures and achievements exhibition for electronic information technology, communication technology and mechatronic integration technology, the participants will be introduced to the application scenario and grammar rules of Chinese language in life, Chinese martial arts, poetry, and the unique folk culture of Beijing. Typical enterprises in professional fields are invited to show participants their working environment, working scenario, typical tasks, and some visual results. This group will play a role in expanding the students' Chinese language foundation, promoting their understanding of Beijing folk culture, broadening their professional vision, and improving their cross-cultural communication ability. Welcome to sign up for this group project. Join BITC, together for a shared future





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