Xi’an University



With the theme of "Into Sanqin,Feel Tang Dynasty, Meet China", this project takes Sanqin culture as the main line, explores the meeting point of mutual promotion between Chinese learning and regional culture in the form of exhibition of "cloud tour,cloud taste and cloud appreciate", and shows overseas learners the charm of the ancient capital Xi 'an and the culture with Chinese characteristics through language interaction, cultural experience, cloud tour research and other teaching modes.

本项目以“走进三秦 品味唐韵 相约中国”为主题,以三秦文化为主线,以“云游+云品+云赏”的课堂文化展现形式,探索中文学习与地域文化相互推动发展的契合点,通过语言交流、文化体验、云游研学等教学模式,向海外学生展现古都西安魅力和中国特色文化。

General Courses 通用课程