Changchun Normal University



“Experience North Culture, Enjoy Ice and Snow” on-line Camp

“品北国文化 赏冰雪风光” 主题线上夏令营

Changchun is one of the most important bases of automobile industry and film industry of China. It has rich historical and cultural heritage and unique natural scenery, which is also famous at home and abroad for its ice and snow culture. In order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, develop Chinese excellent traditional culture, deepen foreign primary and secondary school students' understanding and experience of the Chinese language, and stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese, the project carries out a series of cultural special activities. Relying on the advantages and high-quality teacher resources of Chinese Language and Literature and Chinese International Education in the School of Literature of our school, this program focuses on interesting Chinese language and cultural experience. It is taught through online live broadcast and recorded broadcast. It allows the students to have a more intuitive understanding of the traditional culture of Northeast China, and experience the charm of the ice and snow world in Northeast China, so as to promote the understanding of Chinese culture among foreign youths and promote the exchange and mutual learning of Chinese and Western cultures.



General Courses 通用课程