Shanxi University of Technology



“Chinese-Bridge-Experience of Chinese Culture” online exchange program from Shaanxi University of Technology, will rely on our platform, “Base Program for International Students to Experience Chinese Culture”, combined with the friendship ambassador training program, one of the “Belt and Road” series, to carry out the online program, whose theme is “Learning Chinese, Travelling to Hanzhong, Exploring the Source of Han, Knowing about China”. Program Forms This online program will be carried out online, indoors and outdoors, combining real-time language teaching, online activities and video courses related with Chinese culture. Including: Program Contents 1. Learn Chinese: Studying Chinese with experienced Chinese language teachers; 2. Understand the Chinese Culture: Listening to the experts on the origin of the Chinese culture to explore the Chinese culture and its development; 3. Experience the Chinese Culture: Travelling online to experience Hanyuan culture in all directions-Xing Han Scenic Spot, enjoying the 1,000-year-old culture concentrated in this, making you feel Chinese culture to be broad and profound, studying Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and other traditional Chinese culture courses; 4. Communicate Interactively: Discussing and communicating online with Chinese teachers and students.

陕西理工大学“汉语桥——汉文化感知体验”线上团组交流项目,依托于我校 “国际学生感知汉文化基地项目”平台,开展以“学汉语、游汉中、探汉源、知中国”为主题的线上文化体验感知项目。


General Courses 通用课程