Qinghai Minzu University



In order to further promote the internationalization of school education to a new level, expand the influence of the school, open up a new path for international exchanges and cooperation and international student enrollment in the post epidemic period, let young people all over the world deeply understand Chinese culture, deepen their understanding of China and Qinghai, and create a platform for mutual benefit and mutual learning among different civilizations, it is proposed to apply for it after careful planning by Qinghai Minzu University China Bridge - The Belt and Road cultural code, online group communication project. The project is planned to offer four cultural topics, including live courses, online learning and other learning forms, so that people interested in Chinese culture can learn more about the Silk Road. The project aims to provide a platform for students of cooperative colleges of Qinghai Minzu University and even the people of the countries where the cooperative colleges are located to learn and communicate with each other, enhance their understanding of Chinese and Chinese culture through the display of local culture in Qinghai, strengthen language education exchanges between China and foreign countries, and promote mutual learning of multiple civilizations and the development of youth Friendship. The exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures and the world promotion of Chinese culture all need the display of specific culture. Chinese culture is the sum of regional and local cultures distributed all over China. Telling local stories well helps to tell Chinese stories, and displaying local culture well also helps to promote Chinese culture.



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