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Shanghai University of Political Science and Law


Shanghai University of Political Science and Law




学校充分发挥上合培训基地培训、智库和论坛三大功能,取得了一系列成果。先后获批最高人民法院民四庭 “一带一路”司法研究基地、最高人民检察院上海合作组织检察官培训基地、司法部中国-上海合作组织法律服务委员会合作交流基地等重要平台。



Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, which was built in the year of 1984, is committed to engage with the development of Shanghai, China and the world by enhancing its academic strengths in political science and law,prioritizes legal studies, but other subjects such as management, economics, literature, education and art have all been developing in a coordinated way. We make our efforts to promote the construction of disciplines, aiming at building a first-class “application-oriented” university with a distinctive advantage in politic science and law.

With a total of 1000 faculty members, 700 of them are teaching staff, among whom 40% have mid- and high-level academic ranks and 95% have a PhD or master’s degree. Among our over 200 PhD supervisors and master’s degree supervisors.The university has also engaged about 200 experts and scholars from academia and industries from both home and abroad as guest professors or part-time professors.

The university brings the three functions of CNISCO, namely training, think tank and forums, into full play. The university has successively been approved the fourth civil court of Supreme People’s Court Belt and Road” Judicial Research Base,Supreme People's Pastorate SCO Procurator Training Base,Ministry of Justice Cooperation base of China-SCO legal service committee and so on.

The university adheres to the strategy of engaging education with international exchanges. In 2018, the university established a Chinese Language Training and Research Center in cooperation with O.P Jindal Global University in India. We have built partnerships around the world with over 100 universities and institutions including the University of Montreal(Canada), the University of Leeds(UK), Washington University in St. Louis(US), Hague Conference on Private International Law, and the International Chamber of Commerce. We have established a training center for pre-sessional English language courses and are currently offering“3+1”, “2+2”, “2+1” pathway/track programs for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The university began to accept overseas students in 2013,more than 500 international students from more than 77 countries now.

Located in the picturesque national-level scenic area of Sheshan Hill, the university covers an area of 1000 mu(67 hectares) and is crowned the “garden university at the northern foot of Sheshan Mountain”.