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Blooming the charm of Chinese language and showing the fascinating style of Tianjin -- Tianjin Normal University 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Online Study Project


The program places emphasis on language learning and cultural exchange, suits the characteristics and needs of young people, uses thematic content as a framework, consolidates Chinese language knowledge and improves Chinese communication skills, compiles and records its own live-immersion Chinese language teaching, and cooperates with the cultural curriculum to guide students to a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary Chinese landscape. The project proposes to set up five themes, including people's life, campus science and technology, popular film and television, Tianjin Folk Art and sports and fitness. For each theme, it plans to offer two courses of Integrated Chinese and Chinese reading, supplemented by one cultural experience course. The Integrated Chinese Course aims to teach vocabulary and language points, while the Chinese reading course aims to train reading skills. While enriching students' knowledge of Chinese and improving their Chinese communication skills, the cultural experience course is arranged to guide students to a comprehensive understanding of the background of the topic. For example, everyone can follow the camera to visit the ecological campus of Tianjin Normal University, enter the daily life of Chinese university students and learn about the latest campus technological achievements; through the interactive form of cloud, experience the culture of Tianjin Folk and food, taste Chinese classic poetry, learn about the production process of Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year painting and clay figure Zhang,etc. Through a rich three-dimensional way, highlight the Chinese cultural characteristics, show the contemporary Chinese style, and cultivate the participants' feelings of knowledge and friendship with China. The implementation period of this project is planned to be from November 28 to December 2, 2022, for a total of one week, with a total lesson volume of 40 hours and 45 minutes per lesson. The project will be conducted in a combination of three modules: live lectures + online activities + video courses. The live lectures and online activities will be broadcasted live, with a total of 30 lessons, approximately 22.5 hours. The language course will last 20 hours and the cultural experience will last 10 hours. The video courses will be recorded and designed with 5 videos.


本项目实施时间拟定为2022年11月28日至12月2日,共一周,总课时量为40课时,每课时为45分钟。拟采用实时授课+线上活动+视频课程三个模块结合的方式进行。其中实时授课及线上活动将釆用直播的方式,共开设30课时,约22. 5小时。其中语言课程共计20课时,文化体验活动共计10课时。视频课程采用录播的方式,共设计5个视频。

General Courses 通用课程