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Hunan Vocational College of Technology


International Students Wearing Hanfu Experience Traditional Chinese Culture Activities --- Visiting the Natural Scenic Spot of Shiyan Lake


In order to give international students a deeper understanding of Hanfu culture and traditional Chinese clothing, Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology on November 23, 2019 organized all international students to Shiyan Lake in Changsha Yuhua District, Hunan Province, China experience Hanfu culture.



In addition to wearing Hanfu and walking around the natural scenery, the school carefully prepared a variety of Chinese characteristics of cultural practice tours, such as "Flower Archery", "Canoeing Tea Art", "Guan Gong blessing" and so on, which not only shows the beauty of traditional clothing, but also makes foreign students feel the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. Xin Rong, a student from Laos, sighed, "Hanfu is so beautiful and I want to buy some Hanfu for my family and friends, so that they can also appreciate and experience."


“I am dressed in splendid Chinese clothes, take a boat to enjoy the lake view and feel the Chinese culture. ” Frank, an international student from Pakistan, is excited to say that he is full of harvests in the Shiyan Lake Hanfu event, and he hopes that more people will come to China, even come to Changsha, Hunan Province, to feel the weight of ancient Chinese culture, and to experience the five-thousands-years history of China.



This cultural experience activity appropriately combines Chinese cultural theory and practice, in order to let international students deeply comprehend the ancient Chinese etiquette culture, feel the charm of Chinese culture more intuitively. Our school, as a promoter and practitioner of international cultural exchanges, deeply learns and practices President Xi Jinping's new initiative on "Civilization is colorful because of exchanges. Civilization is enriched by mutual learning." Followed by that, our school constantly enriches the teaching method of Chinese theory and strives to explore how to introduce Chinese culture to international students in a more vivid and interesting way, strengthen multi-cultural exchanges and mutual learning, and build a community of human destiny.